Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The problem with Erdogan's exclusionary policy against Syrian Kurds

The Syria peace talks are stumbling on the 2nd day, which is not unexpected. It seems that despite the devastation, important regional actors (namely Saudi Arabia and Turkey) and in turn their proxies are willing to drag their feet. John Kerry is rightfully pissed.

While the Saudis are showing a little bit of flexibility now, I think the Turks are shooting themselves in the foot by insisting on keeping the most important Syrian Kurdish factions out of the discussion. The US and UN should not have acquiesced to Turkey's demand.

Erdogan thinks that by denying the PYD/YPG a seat at the table their role will diminish and that, in turn, hurts the PKK. But the argument could also be made that by telling the Syrian Kurds that they have no place in future Syria, Erdogan increases the risk of Syria's disintegration and the emergence/consolidation of Syrian Kurdish autonomy.    

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