Monday, February 22, 2016

Abadi's cabinet reshuffle plan heats up competition among Shia parties

PM Abadi's plan to inject fresh blood into his cabinet is polarizing the Shia coalition. Sadr supports Abadi's plan while State of Law and ISCI seem more interested in replacing Abadi himself. Sadr is trying to position himself to increase his influence in the government. He's telling Abadi: I'll support you and your plan, but in return I get to pick the committee that gets to nominate the  new cabinet members. ISCI and State of Law are unhappy.

So the choice may end up being one between the current dysfunction and a Sadr-dominated cabinet, with probably greater dysfunction....Unless, Abadi manages to pacify ISCI and State of Law, while keeping Sadr's hand out of the cookie jar. That's a tall order.


  1. I was checking whether there was something new on "Iraq the model" blog, just in case, and was glad to see that you are blogging again.
    A question unrelated to the current post: Why did you choose the ancient name of your homeland for your blog?

  2. Maya--It's great to see ITM readers are still around and following Iraq news.

    I guess I used Mesopotamia because it transcends the limits of time and geopolitics.