Thursday, March 10, 2016

The threat of Moqtada al-Sadr grows

The news reporting on relations between Sadr and Abadi can be quite misleading. The headline at Reuters today reads "Iraq's al-Sadr supporters back PM's move for non-partisan cabinet to fight graft"

But taking these words at face value would be a mistake. Sadr is bullying Abadi rather than supporting him. He has given him 45 days to implement cabinet changes that would place in office candidates who are selected by Sadr and his aides. Sadr has publicly threatened to uproot the government and have his followers storm the Green Zone if Abadi did not comply.

In what world does this qualify as support?


  1. More than a decade ago, a journalist in my country wrote that, when the Coalition troops are pulled out, al-Sadr will no longer be able to present himself as a patriot, Iraqis will finally see him as the thug he is and his star will set. This commenter was too optimistic.
    Our leftists of course liked al-Sadr while he was instigating attacks against our troops and turned against him only when they saw his anti-gay campaign.

  2. Omar,

    Just re found you after a few years of being away from blogs etc..
    I would like to THANK YOU for your blog "Iraq The Model" over the years.
    My son experienced the hospitality of Ramadi and Bagdad back in 2004-2007 a few times. Based upon reading your blog, his base( Old Ministry Of Defense )in Bagdad, Long War Journal, and news accounts it is possible you all crossed paths. I remember an account of your home getting a visit by soldiers as well as another time a copter went done in Bagdad and it may have been near your location then..He was out and about doing that type stuff then.
    Any how thanks for the positive outlook and your blog in general and I am glad it is all good for you here in the US.

    any news we parents could find back then was so welcome and appreciated. A many year reader